We have formed together to promote Druidism in our local community. The Dorset Grove is organised by Wildfox a Druid of Dorset for many years.
“Within The Dorset Grove
All are equal, all are free” Wildfox
Whatever your Pagan path you are welcome to join us in our activities or in support of our aim which is to promote Druidism within our local community and encourage Peace, Love and Understanding throughout the world.

We look forward to hearing from you


Advice on Open Ritual and Events
Please be aware that within The Dorset Grove we will always work with The Police and Local authorities.
Code of practise.
As a grove there are certain truths and actions that we would wish all our members to adhere to.
1)The Dorset Grove believe that the land is sacred and when as a grove or individuals we visit Sacred sites or just visit the country we walk lightly. This means no litter so take it home with you. Any offerings that are left should be natural so that no lasting presence is left.
2) Ritual: All ritual is to honour the Gods and Goddesses so no drinking before or during the ritual is to be tolerated also as we have seen at other times standing in circle with a cigarette in hand is a no-no as well.
Of course making merry afterwards is permissible.
3) Respect: We will have respect within the Grove for others on their walk in this life. It matters not what that path is or whether you agree with it.
We are ambassadors for the Pagan world and to the wider community so live your life in accordance with this fact.


Associated Groups
The Dorset Grove is Pleased to be associated with many groups including The Noble Order of Tara.
The Noble Order of Tara (NOT) is a Foundation-Center
Society of the Fellowship of Isis. Founded in May of
1989, the original Chancellors were the late Lawrence
Durdin Robertson and his sister, Olivia Robertson. The Chief Herald of Ireland had matriculated Lawrence as 21st Baron Strathloch in 1979, so he had the authority of bestowing knighthood through his Baronial Court. The current Chancellor of the NOT is Olivia Robertson.


Every thought is a whispered prayer