Out and About with the Dorsetgrove


Another day out with the Dorsetgrove and it was awesome


Spring equinox ritual at Knowlton 2016


Spring Equinox at Stonehenge 2016

Cold and damp

Another day out with the Dorsetgrove


Our day out at Durlston Country Park

Beltane at Knowlton 2016


Duncliffe Woods


Our Safari across the ocean to the mystical Isle

of Brownsea


Dorsetgrove Midsummer Ritual at Stonehenge 2016

Midsummer Ritual at Knowlton 2016

Avebury Revised 2016

Lughnasadgh at Knowlton 2016

Garston Woods

Alban Elfed Ritual Knowlton 2016


Autumn Equinox Stonehenge 2016

Scorhill Stones 2016

Merrivale stones

Yes Tor

Samhain 2016

Exploring the philosophy of Druids

Midwinter Ritual at Knowlton 2016

Midwinter at Stonehenge 2016

Imbolc Knowlton 2017

Our Walk in the woods at Deanland

The Golden Cap   2017

Martins Down

Spring Equinox 2017 Stonehenge

Alban Eilir Ritual at knowlton 2017  

Eggardon Hill

Beltane Ritual at Knowlton 2017

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Stonhenge midsummer ritual 2017

Our Trip to Weyland's Smithy

Lammas 2017

Autumn Equinox at Knowlton 2017


Samhaim at Knowlton 2017

Midwinter Ritual at Stonehenge 2017


Imbolc at Knolton 2018

Spring Equinox at Knowlton 2018

Beltane Ritual at Knowlton 2018

The Artic Henge Iceland 2018

Midsummer at Stone Henge 2018

Lammas at Knowlton 2018


Samhain 2018 at knowlton

Midwinter Solstice at knowlton 2018

Wassailing at Wimbourne 2019

Imbolc 2019 at Knowlton

Spring Equinox at knowlton 2019

Beltaine 2019 at Knowlton

Midsummer Ritual at Knowlton 2019

Lughnasadgh at Knowlton 2019


The Autumn Equinox 2019

Imbolc 2020

Martin Down Nature Reserve



Lughnassadh 2021 at Knowlton

Alban Elfed 2021 at knowlton

Our Plough Share

Winter Solstice 2021 at Knowlton

      Imbolc Ritual 2022 at Knowlton  

Spring Eqinox Ritual 2022 at Knowlton              

Beltain Ritual at Knowlton 2022

Ten Tors 2022

Midsummer Ritual at knowlton 2022

The Groves trip to Avebury

Lughnassadh 2022 at knowlton

Samhain 2022 at Knowlton

Spring Equinox at Knowlton 2023

Beltane Ritual at Knowlton 2023

Midsummer Ritual at Knowlton 2023

Lughnassadh 2023 at Knowlton

Autumn Equinox at Knowlton 2023

Samhain at Knowlton 2023

Ian's Big 80

Midwinter Ritual at knowlton 2023

Wassailing at Wimborne 2024

Imbolc Ritual at Knowlton February 2024  

A walk on the wild, wet and windy side and muddy

Alban Eilir Ritual at Knowlton 2024

Beltaine at Knowlton 2024

Alban Hefin Ritual at Stonehenge 2024


Dorsetgrove midsummer ritual at knowlton 2024

Photos by Christopher Scott Carpenter at midsumer ritual at Stonehenge 2024





















Below are some of our activities over recent years

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